Med Physics

Medical physicists are integral part in radiotherapy team.
We perform following function

  • Absolute dose measurement for tele cobalt and Linac low and high energy photons and electron beams
  • Generation of beam data ( PDD,TMR,OUT PUT ,TPR ,WEDGE FACTORS ) for calculations and transfer to Eclipse treatment planning system .
  • Relative dosimetry checks in water phantom and solid phantom.
  • Weekly out put checks and energy constancy checks. Chamber constancy checksPostal dose audit of cobalt and Linac beams using TLD from IAEA.
  • Routine quality assurances of Cobalt, Linac, simulator and HDR Brachytherapy Varisource machine.
  • Manual simulator based planning and Calculations, and 3D CT based conformal radiotherapy planning, dose volume histogram, plan transfer to Varis and first day treatment set up, verifications and portal vision.
  • Preparation for IMRT physical data . Brach therapy ICR, Intraluminal, interstitial planning, dosimetry and treatment.
  • Radiation protection, safety survey and safety of staff, patents and general public. Personnel monitoring of radiation workers in hospital using TLD badges.
  • Participation in academic activities.

Medical Physics Team

Pradumna Prasad Chaurasia
Assistant Chief Medical Physicist

Raju Srivastava
Medical Physicist
(Now doing PhD in Belgium)

Surendra Chand
Medical physicist
Matrika Prasad Adhikari
Medical physicist

Ram Narayan Yadav
Medical Physicist