Welcome to Department of radiation oncology,BPKMCH,Chitwan,Nepal

The Department of Radiation Oncology is integral part of cancer care in BPKMCH. Our Department provides state-of-the-art cancer treatment for a wide variety of cancer.

We are center of excellence for cancer treatment providing state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods to offer the highest quality radiotherapy service in Nepal.There are 8 M.D.Radiation Oncology doctors ,4 medical physicists, 2 resident doctors and 11 RT technicians in our department.

We are the only center offering 3D-Conformal Radiotherapy and  Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)  services in Nepal 

                                                                                      3D-Conformal Radiotherapy


Clinac Linear Accelerator

Specialized Technologies   and Services
  • Dual Energy Linear accelerator with IMRT/3D-CRT & Electron therapy
  • Ximatron Conventional  Simulator
  • Varisource HDR Brachytherapy system for high-dose, short-term brachytherapy
  • Treatment planning system [Eclipse 10] 
Radiation Oncology Team at BPKMCH